Dear Santa,

It's Christmas Time and we've got a new neighborhood full of happy little kids this year!

Of course, each little tot is dreaming about that perfect gift, the one secret wish that makes its way onto The List.

Now, I know that you'd really love to get every kid EXACTLY what they asked for. We all would. However, presents don't just grow on trees. We elves gotta make 'em! And, as you know, elves are powered by Christmas Cheer!

Since this is a new neighborhood, Christmas Cheer is in a bit of a short supply this year. That's where YOU come in!

Use what Cheer we've got to grab some gifts for the kiddos out of the Elf Catalog. Just drag whatever item you want to give em right over to their chimney. Then, whenever you've got all the gifts picked out, click that "Deliver" button at the top of the Catalog.

The more a kid likes the gift you got, the more Christmas Cheer you'll have for next year! If you can't get exactly what a kid wants, try to at least deliver something of a similar type ( Instrument, Vehicle, or Toy). If a kid wakes up to find that you left NOTHING under the tree, you'll actually LOSE Christmas Cheer from that kid. If you run completely out of Cheer after delivering gifts, then these kids just won't belive in you anymore, so be careful!

These kids are pretty young, so I'd say you've got about ten years of Christmas celebration here. At that point, we can take a look back and see how much Christmas Cheer you were able to score!

Good Luck and Merry Christmas!

- Fyrthrp "Ed" Wassletrop, Lead Elf


This is my first game jam entry! I created it for the Christmas Fun Jam in 48hrs to learn more about Unity and to push myself to finally publish a game on! I had a lot of fun making The List and my mind is already buzzing with more ideas.

Please, play The List and let me know what you think! I'm hoping to learn more for my next game jam!

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